There is only a fine line between the sane and the insane.*

Not far from Schöppingen, just 65 km away, is a boardinghouse called Entenhausen (German for Duckburg). I wanted to know where googlemaps located the residence of Gyro Gearloose and now feel encouraged that there are connections between Schöppingen and Entenhausen. Long before the “Haarballen” project made people in the Münsterland region turn grey, Gyro Gearloose, the universal genius, had already invented the hairy handle (!). An invention for winter, whereas ‘Haarballen’ deals with the possibilities of the material during summer season
I have a theory : Bernd Möllenkotte, head of the Möllenkotte agricultural contractor, is a direct descendant of Gyro Gearloose. Evidence speaks for itself: apart from structural conformities and geographical similarities between the Gearloose workshop on the outskirts of Entenhausen and the Möllenkotte Empire at Schöppingen’s city limit, the portraits of the two could easily be hung next to each other in an ancestral gallery. There’s only a generation and a half between them. Apart from the fact that the first name Daniel (i.e. Gyro’s German name) is one of the most common first names in Münsterland and can therefore be interpreted as a further indication of the famous inventor’s origin.
Since April, Gearloose’s motto “Nothing to fear for an engineer” has accompanied the development process of the hairball press. The construction phase has not yet been completed …

*freely adapted by Gyro Gearloose (Daniel Düsentrieb), engineer and inventor