They are the aesthetes in our network of relationships. We give them, the strangers, permission to touch our head. They massage and shave, they curl, wave, pluck, cut, brush, comb. They part our hair to give thoughts orientation. They handle and bypass hair whorls.

THY WILL BE DONE: unhairing the neck, removing uncontrolled growth out of noses and ears, modelling the brows, twirling moustaches – they are familiar with every hairy part of the head. They polish bald heads, they don’t back down from dandruff. They color, smooth and curl, where nature does not correspond to the desired image. They correct and manage the unmanageable, they conceal weaknesses and age. They pile up, backcomb, blow-dry and weave strands into works of hair, while setting and sealing the self.

Above all they listen. They share worries and joys, show empathy for annoyances and difficulties of life and take part in strokes of fate. They know landscapes and foreign countries through their clients’ travel reports.

They are: hairdressers, coiffeurs, snippers, hair doctors, hair designers and hair stylists. They are barbers or simply hair cutters.

Since 4 April 2019, hairdressers in the region have been picking up customers’ falling hair, consigning it to the HA[A]RVEST collection.

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