barbara caveng AMNESIA
Exhibition view Kloster Bentlage 2020 | ‘über sch hinaus’ – column of hair | h 3.40m Ø 20cm | 2018/20 videodocumentation HA[A]RVEST (2019)

AMNESIA – In amnesia, memory remains inaccessible. Most of the art works made from the human hair of several thousand individuals shown in Kloster Bentlage | Haus Ökonomie in August 2020 were created in 2019 during a residency fellowship in the artists’ village Schöppingen. Core of the exhibition was the social sculpture HA[A]RVEST, the heavy hairball, which was bailed in a public performance event in collaboration with Bernd Möllenkotte, a contractor from Münsterland aerea, after months of collecting, sorting and draping. At this occasion the video documentation of the performance on September 7, 2019 was displayed first.

The project was supported by stadtbesetzung. Stadtbesetzung is a project by Kultursekretariates Güthersloh, with the support of the Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft NRW.