Save the Date
Saturday, September 7 2019 | 7 pm
parking lot at Künstlerdorf Schöppingen
48624 Schöppingen

After 120 days of hair recovery,
collecting, sorting,
sewing and  back combing of curls, strands and shocks,
after countless discussions about hair
and beauty beyond the ‘short back & sides’ or perm waves,
in thoughts about the existence of human,
in consideration of the clienteles needs  and
the perceptions and conditions
of 120 hairdressers from Münsterland region,
after an introduction to agricultural engineering and
the essence of the agricultural machine,
questioned whether round or square bale,
and still looking for
a suitable hair fixative,
I  ask
your team and employees
as well as your friends
 to be present at the ceremony
of  the hair baling
within the scope of
the light art night
the celebration
for the 30th anniversary
of the artist village Schöppingen.

from 4 pm
final cut
Let’s get styled! Donate a hair!

You will be welcomed by hairdressers 
from the team of 120 Münsterländer hair artists
at the parking aerea at Künstlerdorf Schöppingen.
You can add to the hair collection your personal strand
which will be cut by these professionals.
Furthermore enjoy their knowledge
and be spoiled by their friendly, and personalized service.

download invitation card